About Us

Data Services, Inc.

Data Services, Inc. is headquartered in Tucson, AZ and has been in business since 1985. DSI maintains title plants and electronic recording for title agents in the western United States. DSI is also a managed IT service provider in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ.

Title Plants | Electronic Recording | Managed IT Services

Data Services is a full-service title plant company. DSI builds plants, maintains them, and develops all the software necessary for examination and search. DSI is integrated to the escrow production system ResWare for both title production and electronic recording.

Data Services’ mission is to empower the independent title agent with software. DSI partners with title agents to maximize the business value in their title plant asset, increase productivity for their staff, and help them grow their business.

Our Team

Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas has been in the title insurance business since the early 1970s. After leaving the army as a captain and helicopter pilot he went to work for Lawyers Title Agency. He left Lawyers Title in the early 1980s to take over as president of Title Security Agency. Marty started Data Services in 1985 to maintain the Pima County shared title plant. DSI has been posting and maintaining Pima County ever since. Marty brings years of industry knowledge and an agent perspective to Data Services every day.

Roger Harrison
IT Director

Roger Harrison owned a successful insurance agency and ran his own business for many years. In the late 1990s he followed his strong personal interest in technology into a career in IT. After working in a number of large organizations he met Marty and went to work for Data Services. Roger runs the technical operations at DSI and the managed services staff. Roger is a dedicated technician with a practical approach that bridges the gap between IT and the business.

Michael Hummer
Sr. Systems Administrator

Michael has 15 years of experience in IT. He is responsible for the enterprise infrastructure for DSI’s managed IT customers. Michael is fascinated by technology and has some very interesting hobbies. He manages vendor relationships for DSI and our partners. Michael specializes in line of business application deployment and configuration.

Travis Knapp
Sr. Systems Administrator

Travis has 20 years of experience in IT and systems administration. Travis brings a diligent and pragmatic approach to finding solutions that keep the business up and running. He is excellent in a crisis and even better at avoiding them. He is responsible for designing and implementing the enterprise infrastructure for managed IT customers.

Chris Laws
Sr. Systems Architect

Chris has a degree in computer science from the University of Arizona and 20 years of experience designing and maintaining line-of-business software.  He is responsible for the design of the title plant software and electronic recording software in use today at DSI.  Chris employs a combination of crafty coding and a deep understanding of the title industry to create unique and clever solutions to customers’ business problems.  He is involved at the design level of all technology projects at DSI.

Amber Lovio
Technical Account Coordinator

Amber has been with Data Services since 2005. She is responsible for maintaining quality assurance for our managed IT services customers. On a daily basis, she handles trouble ticket coordination, inventory, invoicing, and the company cellular business account. She demonstrates excellent customer service skills and is likely the first person you will speak to when you call DSI.

Peter Wang
Sr. Software Engineer

Peter holds a master’s degree in computer science and has 15 years of experience designing and deploying business software systems.  Peter brings his big-shop expertise to Data Services and is responsible for the daily operational success of all the software supporting the title plant delivery.  Peter also runs internal software that facilitates title plant data entry, tax data, and GIS information.

Brandon Small
Title Plant Manager

Brandon is an IT professional and has Account Manager experience since 2012. Brandon has held positions in customer service and technical support for large organizations. He is a talented technician with a strong customer focus. Brandon is studying software development and enjoys all things automotive.

Michael Zych
Support Engineer

Michael Zych entered the technology field in 2003. He has experience ranging from being a lead field tech, programming phone systems, desktop support, to managing SCCM. He’s worked in both the private and public sectors. Michael has 8 years experience in supporting technology in the Title/Escrow industry. Michael enjoys working closely with customers and building strong relationships. He is a proud father, and considers his kids his greatest accomplishment.

Brandon Greer
IT/Project Manager

Brandon started his IT career in 2003 as a Jr. Systems Administrator. Since then, Brandon has been broadening his IT knowledge from Desktop Support Technician to IT Project Management. Along with his work experience, Brandon also brings his education in Computer Information Systems/Computer Science and a degree from Arizona State University in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management.