Software as a Service

Integrated and Lightweight

Title Plant and Electronic Recording are delivered Software as a Service or hosted. There is nothing to install or maintain. Intregated with ResWare!

AlphaMax3 (AM3)

Title plant examination software available as a desktop application allowing anywhere-access to the title plant. AM3 puts title data side-by-side with recorded documents, maps, and bases or starters. Data Services can convert your existing title plant, images, and data into a modern AlphaMax3 plant. DSI can build a plant in any county. Open an order, run a search, and share plant data to and from AlphaMax3 with ResWare.

Recording Express

Recording Express is a powerful software solution that simplifies the process of recording documents with your County Recorder’s office. With complete support for the requirements of complex title agency operations, Recording Express makes it easy to electronically submit documents from your desktop or your centralized recording desk. The software is designed around a Recording Desk, if you have one, or it can send directly to the recorder once your package is ready. Once submitted, we keep you informed every step of the way with email notifications, hyperlinks to documents and complete control throughout the process.

Recording Express Online

E-Recording directly to your County Recorder’s office. Recording Express is complete with all the requirements for a complex title agency operation. Electronically submit documents from your desktop or enable your centralized recording desk. Recording Express submits documents fast and easily with email notification, hyperlinks to documents, and control throughout the process. Recording Express is available in most counties via DSI’s direct connections and partnerships.

Record Documents Online

Digital Arbs and Maps

Arb stands for the arbitrary number assigned to a new parcel in a title plant. This is often called an Arb or Cut-Out. Digital Arbs is a production-drawing software that allows complex legal descriptions to be translated into digital shapes. These shapes can be superimposed onto GIS base-layer maps available from most counties for a unique geospatial view of your title plant. Digital Arbs is available as part of a title plant provided by DSI or as a service to your plant.

Title Plant Posting and Indexing

Data Services provides full-service plant builds and management. DSI has an experienced customer data team located in Tucson, AZ. DSI provides go-forward county image management and keying services complete with arbs and mapping. When domestic keying is not the right fit, DSI has off-shore partners who are connected directly into AlphaMax3 and the hosted title plant. The connection is a sophisticated quality control Application Programming Interface (API). This API is part of any DSI title plant and can be available as a service.


Software included in any DSI title plant that allows anywhere-access to all your property bases/starters directly viewable and searchable in AlphaMax3. Virtually any historical digital artifact your staff has compiled over time for real property can be included in the plant. Decommission older systems and include those files in AlphaMax3 with Base-Viewer.